Media Coverage

by Bryan Kulka

 March 16, 2019

KATHMANDU — In a world were chemicals and mass importations have invaded our plates, who doesn’t enjoy buying nice fresh locally produced groceries helping sustain the small economies of his own country? Based on that idea, numerous eco-friendly delivery systems are seeing the day in Kathmandu. Directly bringing to its customer’s farfetched groceries from the deep challenging landscape of Nepal.

I have tried many different options before Green Growth. I would put the fruits and vegetables out for 2 weeks, and only green growth products were still fresh. Their products are so good we don’t even go to the restaurant anymore. Other companies there don’t go and get the products themselves. There just buy them in the city market and wash them with water.” said a Customer.

In 2016, Green-growth entered the new digital organic market in Kathmandu. A race with numerous competitors (Metro Tarkari, Kathmandu Organics…), but Green-Growth had an original idea which offers more than the deliciousness and satisfaction of organic dishes delivered at your front door.

With their platform, you don’t only have the name and location your apple or cheese originates, you also have the beautiful story it carries.

Agriculture is a beautiful song of the elements and culture, the perfect components of a good tail sustaining love for our environment and the ones living in harmony within it. A poetic assessment Green-growth understands. On their website, you can retrace the journey of your colorful tasty food basket by reading numerous biographical articles.

I don’t sell food, I sell stories.” declared its founder and owner Saurav Dhakal.

His promises?

First of all, they are cheaper than in stores, as Green Growth takes care of logistics from post-production, to delivery, and distribution.

The business is the result of a non-profits company efforts, Story Cycle (we will soon release an article about). The main objectives promised by its motivated good-willing team, is to promote Nepal’s heritage, by using digitalization and storytelling, to help expand tourism, which assists local producers and artists in the development of their activity. Thus, their common purpose is not personal and industrial economic growth, but the development of tourism in order to help small remote businesses and family traditions and secrets.

Second, an eco-friendly gesture.

Even if the delivery system requires motorbike running on gas, Saurav Dhakal declared their company was planting trees to counter their Carbon Emission and deliver a zero-emission annual review.

Finally, it is very easy to use. With more than 200 clients who seem satisfied by the service. The system put in place for orders makes it easy to go green and responsible.

The internet can be a fussy complicated word. Innovation makes passed knowledge acquired quickly obsolete. But the simple form filling system gives you the time to breathe. Far from a complicated overcrowded website, it ables you to choose the elements you wish composed your weekly basket. Manang Apple, Shiitake Mushroom, Junar, yak cheese, candy peanuts… you just have to check the boxes of the google forms, wait and enjoy the organic pleasure.

So, next time you thinking of making your weekly menu more responsible and organic, just have a look online and try one of the many options offered by the ethical innovations of our time and age. By just changing your everyday habits, you too can be part of a countries positive future.